Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Palomas, Mexico

Not much happened today. Checked out the grocery store and bought some fruit. This is a really poor community. Not much to do and nothing to see besides the park and the museum (and they are on the program for Sunday afternoon).

It's getting warmer now. Low 90s during the days but still in the high 50s at night to cool everything off. But the AC kicked in in the afternoon, although set at only 88.

Late afternoon I made a short trip across the border to Palomas, Mexico. This is not a typical tourist border town like Los Algodones. There are a few liquor stores, pharmacies, dentists and optometrists, but nothing comes close to Algodones. I had to see the famous Pink Store though. A huge store (for small Mexican village standards) with art, folk art and gifts from all over Mexico and a restaurant. The restaurant was almost empty, but I still enjoyed some shrimps al Ajo with rice and salad and a couple of Margaritas.

Re-entering the USA was easy, no lines at all.

I added today's photos to yesterdays album.

31.82505N 107.6413W 4066 ft