Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trip to Columbus, NM

Rustys RV Ranch is really nice, but there is one disadvantage. I have no service for my AT&T cell phone and must make all phone calls through Skype. When the WiFi is up and running, Skype works very well for calls to Switzerland. You know, I have a subscription for unlimited calls from Skype to landlines in Switzerland for less than $10/month.
However, I still prefer to use the phone with (almost) no interruptions. So today I moved to another location with cell phone reception. I decided to move on Highway 9 to the east, rather than taking I-10 further north of here. There was absolutely no traffic along this route. In Animas I experienced an adventurous way of fueling up. There was no way to access to get along the pump since there were posts, etc. in the way. So, I turned around the building and basically "came from behind" at a 90° angle to the pump. It worked. I tanked up my first fuel for over $4 for almost three years.

Along the AZ-9 there was bush desert on both sides and 50% of all the vehicles on the road were Border Patrol cars/trucks. This road almost touches the US/Mexican border at some places. Along the road is also an old railway track of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad which was built in 1902 to haul copper from Bisbee to El Paso. Now, not even the rails are there anymore.

After a couple of hours drive I arrived at Columbus, NM and settled at the beautiful Pancho Villa State Park. I have a nice Pull Through site with water and electricity for $14. I will check out the park, the museum and the area over the weekend. Maybe including another trip to Mexico and maybe the famous Pink Store. Will see.

A few photos can be seen here.

31.82505N 107.6413W 4066 ft