Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Crawfish Dinner

The Crawfish Dinner we had last Friday was so good, that we had to repeat it tonight. Even more, since Char and John are planning to leave tomorrow morning and they love crawfish as much as I do. We were joined by a new couple who arrived today. Everybody had crawfish. We got them again from Maxi Mart. These guys just know how to boil crawfish. Several of us had 5 pounds, some had 3 pounds. This time I tried 5 pounds for the first time. I eat about 4 of them and left some for breakfast tomorrow.

After Happy Hour we said Good By to Char and John. We have become friends over the last 10 days. They are a really cool retired couple doing "half timing in their Airstream trailer". In the winter they live in Inverness, FL. They have invited me to visit them next winter. Maybe, I might even make it to Florida in the winter.

I have also made plans. I will stay another 10 days in Abbeville, then head to New Orleans for a few days before I head north to the New York City area to pick up Marianne.

You have seen enough crawfish photos, so there are no new ones.

29.95295N 92.14324W 45 ft