Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dental work done

Today I went to Los Algodones for (hopefully) the last time for a while. Dr. Lasra had all my new teeth ready. He put them all in and had to slightly adjust them here and there. You know, in your mouth something a little high feels like high as a mountain, then you take off 1/64" and everything is fine. You know the feeling. When all corrections were done, Dr. Lasra sent the teeth back to the laboratory for polishing and I got my temporaries back. Good time for a Margarita at Paradiso, which became my local pub. Their Margaritas are huge and cost $4.

After an hour, I was back at the dentist and Dr. Lasra put the bridge and all the crowns in. We are finally done. In the meantime Dr. Lasra found out about my history as a poker player and asked me to show him some poker by handing a deck of cards to me. Good that I was a magician in my younger years, so I showed him a couple of tricks and he was happy.

Then I went back to Paradiso for another Margarita and a nice "lunch" called shrimps ranch style. A bunch of shrimps in salsa with beans and tomato rice. Pretty good actually.

Of course, I could not leave Algodones without a couple of souvenirs.

Now "home" in the Genty, I feel no pain and my denture looks pretty good again.