Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yuma to Casa Grande, AZ

I drove 170 miles today on I-8 eastwards. The temperature went up to 95F but with two open windows there was not much of a problem. Around 50 miles west of Casa Grande, I was passed by a 16 wheelers and a little rock hit my windshield. It was obvious that this caused some damage. I immediately left the I-8 and  checked the windshield. The rock chipped off a little piece of glass, but there was no crack. I decided to look for a place to spend the night and go from there. I found this place at a large open space at the intersection of 84 and 347 15 miles west of Casa Grande.

I looked up for Autoglass online and found a shop in Casa Grande who are willing to look at it tomorrow morning. The chip size is about 6mm (1/4") and there is a still very short crack developing from there. There is still hope, that this crack can be stopped.

32.8755N 112.0512W 1365 ft