Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More dental work

Not much to report earlier this week. Tuesday (03/08) I visited the farmers market in Yuma and bought a full weeks supply of fresh fruit and veggies. Since I never eat out and am on a no carb diet, I need lots of that stuff.

Yesterday (Wednesday 03/09) I had another appointment with Dr. Lastra in Los Algodones. He prepared another tooth for a crown, removed two bad (sombrero type) crowns from last year (by Dr. Zuman) and prepared for the bridge. One of the replacement crown preparations hurt so much that the Doctor and I decided to have a root canal done on that one. I had to wait only a few minutes until the endodontist showed up with his little suitcase where he kept all the stuff he needed for the root canal. By the time he was done, the temporary crowns were brought in and were mounted. After all, I was at the dentist's office (most of the time in the chair) for over four hours.

Since the line at customs was still very long, even at 5pm, I treated myself with a nice Margarita in one of the many restaurants in Algodones. I still hat to wait for another 45 min at the border, but finally made it back to the car. Still a little dizzy from all the anesthesia shot, I left the parking area without putting up my seat belts (what I usually always wear). I was on the road for less than 500 yards when I got pulled by a cop and cited for the infraction. I love California. (Between Algodones and Yuma I have to drive on California roads for a few miles and they really do know there how to get money from the few ones who still have some)

I only had some soup for dinner and during the night I woke up with heavy pain in the tooth where they did the root canal. I always thought that after killing the nerve there should be no pain, but it seems, that this is not the way it is. Tomorrow I have the next appointment with the dentist.

Today I am loosing a little more weight (never mind though) because I still cannot eat anything but pain killers. I still had the Genty and the Jeep washed and waxed today. They both look nice and shiny again.