Chris' Genty

Chris' Genty

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tombstone, AZ

I spent all morning on some paperwork for the project in Switzerland. But at noon I had to go out. Since I am only about 10 miles from famous Tombstone away, I had to pay a visit here. Tombstone (The Town too Tough to Die) was very busy with tourists from everywhere buying western stuff and Indian jewelry at excessive prices.

I asked one of the "Marshals" (with guns and everything around his waist) what's the best in Tombstone, he mentioned the "Bird Cage Theatre" was a must see. Well off I went there. For a little contribution of $10 minus $1 senior discount I did a "self guided tour" in this old building which was a saloon, gambling hall, brothel and who knows what else in the old days. Lots of artifacts were stacked up in low light. The best part was the poker room nicely set up with the old cards, coins and chips.

I consider this town a "tourist trap", but many others don't and that's OK (good for them).

Back at the RV park, I tried to extend may stay, but my space is already reserved so they had me moving to another site - no big deal, just packing up everything and installing it again.

There are still a few photos here.

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